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Welcome to your office! Conveniently located in Alpharetta, GA we are proud to offer state-of-the-art orthodontic care to children, teens and adults in the Cumming, Milton, Johns Creek, Roswell and surrounding areas. Orthodontist James Awbrey utilizes the latest in orthodontic technology and treatment, including:

Take A Tour Of Our Modern Office!

The patient entrance to our office is directly off of Windward Parkway. We are located conveniently close to Cogburn Elementary and Hopewell Middle School, Kroger, Lowes Building Supply, Costco and many other establishments and restaurants. Click here for directions.


Plenty of parking is available for your convenience. You will enter into our spacious foyer, where you will have access to the stairs or elevator. We are located on the second floor in Suite 200, next to Dr. Michael Leach's pediatric dental office.

Office from the Entrance


Entering the Office


When you enter the office on your first visit, you will enter our warm, relaxing and fun waiting room. Straight ahead you will note our computerized patient check-in system.

Patient Check-in

The automated check-in system has a scrolling knob located next to the monitor. The directions on how to use the scrolling knob are displayed on the computer screen. The computerized check-in lets us know in the clinic that you are here and waiting. It also displays why you are here, so that we can prepare for your visit.

Waiting Area


The waiting room was designed by Dr. Awbrey and Atlanta Dental Design to be warm and appealing to the senses. Note the aquarium, water feature, video displays, coffee station and video game room for your enjoyment. We also have several magazines and books distributed throughout the waiting area.

Video Game Room


At Awbrey Orthodontics directly off the waiting area is our state-of-the-art video game room featuring several popular video games for your kid's enjoyment.

Reception Desk

Located directly in front of our waiting area is the receptionist desk where you will be greeted by our friendly staff.

Coffee Station

We take pride in our coffee as we do our orthodontics. Our imported Italian coffee bean is freshly ground throughout the day and with filtered water to give you a full bodied, hot cup of freshly brewed coffee.

Consultation Rooms


After our treatment coordinator introduces herself, you will be escorted to one of our two consultation rooms. These rooms are setup to be comfortable, relaxing and informative with our state-of-the-art digital and diagnostic programs.

Records Rooms


At your first visit we will obtain records so they can be instantly viewed at the consultation to develop a diagnosis and treatment plan.

Treatment Bay


The treatment area is an "open bay" concept. This provides our patients a warm, interactive and comforting environment. We provide music, conversation, and video screens above each chair to make each appointment an experience. The computer next to each chair is part of our Tops practice management system. We are able to display your chart, radiographs, photographs, treatment plan, and any piece of correspondence needed at you or your child's appointment. This enables our office to provide a completely paperless environment.

Sterilization Rooms


In our office all instruments are self contained in stainless steel containers all the way through the sterilization process, consisting of a commercial grade washer for cleaning any debris which may adhere to our instruments (called a Hydrim), and then either dry-heat and/or autoclave sterilized at very high temperatures between every patient. In place is an independent outside biological monitoring service to verify we are indeed providing the cleanest environment for our patients.

Brushing Area


This area allows patients to brush, floss, and clean their teeth before their appointment. We provide pre-pasted disposable toothbrushes to eliminate any cross-contamination with sharing toothpaste tubes between patients.

Stand-up Consultation Area


An orthodontic technician will use this area to illustrate the proper care of your teeth and braces after the banding appointment. This area is reserved to discuss any concerns you may have throughout the orthodontic process.


Upon exiting our office you will visit the reception desk to make your next appointment. You will always be told thanks for coming and have a wonderful day.

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Come see us at our Alpharetta office today for your complimentary consultation! Dr. Awbrey will thoroughly examine your teeth and jaw relationships. If any malocclusions or other orthodontic problems do exist then we will advise you on the best treatment plan for you.

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